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Benefits of Nia and Pilates in Rossendale
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Benefits of Nia and Pilates in Rossendale

Needing more energy and Vitality?

Taking care of your health and well being is essential if you want to get the most out of life. 
In todays society that is often fast paced and can have stress it is important to find a balance- Many forms of exercise are still about expenditure- energy out. standard dance or aerobics or fitness does build endurance and muscular fitness and creates an adrenalin high. There is only so much we have to expend how do you nourish and bring energy in? Sometimes sleep (and only if its quality sleep) water , food and sunshine are not enough.
 Pilates encourages a more natural breath that is efficient.  There are many people who  breath incorrectly- by doing so they exert more energy by getting the breath in than than end up receiving from that breath!!!! 
With Pilates comes better posture and awareness- guess what that means? If your posture is correctly aligned we expend LESS energy keeping upright!! Yes its true. 
Pilates strengthens deep supporting muscles, brings flexibility to muscles and increase the range of motion and mobility we have in our joints- again this produces effciency in movement therefore more energy. By strengthening our deep supporting muscles we reduce and eliminate pains and aches. Pain saps energy as I sure some of you will have experienced. 
Nia is a wonderful compliment to PIlates. it works with many of the above principles of Pilates plus Nia very conciously works with energy and where we direct it within our bodies and out of. With elements of Tai Chi we circulate energy around the body. The flowing movements of Nia encourage ease and comfort. Nia is a dance that soothes and nourishes with the sensation that all movements can and are a dance... opening a door, sweeping the floor even slipping on the ice!!!  as I found out and a few others too... this means in the act of slipping rather than tensing and therefore less ability to balance and if we do come down to the floor it is with relaxed muscles and reduced injury. (thankyou to some of you for feedback) This brings the element of a child... and how much energy do children have :))))
Looking forward to seeing you in 2012