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January 2012

Support for your feet

Looking for support for your feet while dancing . Have a look at the padded dance paws or the Vibram five finger trainers  at

New courses in Rossendale for Pilates and Nia 2012

Well, after 3 weeks off , Im certainly ready to move! and this season, unuseually I havn't done much physically and boy does my body know. aches, stiffness, doesn't feel great
I managed a couple of hours snowboarding yesterday  and my body delights in moving, but need to work those thigh muscles more!!!
So we restart next monday- Im raring to go and so are some of you , judging by the comments on the emails I have received!!! I promise we will go easy, lots of essential stretching, as we know, stretching is essential to our overall posture alignment but stretching is essential to strength- yes strength. Its like an elastic band. If unused and or tight it loses its elasticity , if a muscle can not fully extend and contract you are losing a lot of its power !  So lets soften up , loosen up so we can feel dynamic ease and strength.
We are almost full on PIlates! there are some places left on Nia!
A few people have asked recently about giving Nia a taste- You are very welcome to come and see and feel if its for you. Nia is unique , there is nothing else like it. What do I mean?
Nia is a heart and lungs workout- burning calories, working muscle and great fun- so what the difference - there are lots of fitness classes out there like that (even though Nia was the first in fusion fitness now nearly 30 years since it began)  The difference is that Nia moves YOUR body the way it is DESIGNED to move.  This means in Nia we don't jog or march on the spot at any point-  we conciously use foot placement ie a heel lead just like we should walk or run in real life. We dont twist on the feet- therefore we look after your ankles, knees and hips.  we align the spine and the  3 body weights ie. the pelvis chest and head, to create efficient and feeling of ease with your movement,
Nia doesnt bounce and jarr the joints, moves are fluid and smooth- smooth to nervous system too. Nia does release endorphins- the feel good hormone but rather than just this adrenalin high Nia harnesses 'chi energy' with from the knowledge of Tai Chi, a natural sustaining life force energy that is more balanced leaving you not only energized but also calm with longer lasting vitality. Look forward to seeing you in NIA 
so come and burn off those xmas calories