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Get more from your Nia workout

I have had a request about learning more technique while moving with Nia to optimize your workout.
With this in mind I have outlined some ideas for a workshop,
This will be about how to use your alignment correctly so your muscles are being used effectively. 
We will pick out some of the 52 moves and look individually at which muscles are being conditioned and how to do this to maximize your muscle tone.
Are you using planes and levels with good posture ? Are you really finding the maximum level within your range?
What is the difference , energetically, between strength and flexibility? Do you apply your awareness knowingly and direct the energy appropriately?
How to recruit more of the 'core' when moving to condition the muscles that support the spine and abdominals.

I would be delighted to put this together along with your input and  questions so I can personalize this workshop for you.Please email  or chat to me after class about any aspects of this.
The workshop is scheduled for Sat 25th Feb 2012
look forward to hearing your input...Im here to listen and develop what YOU want.