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This little gem in our valley is becoming a most sacred haven for people in our area and beyond, the core sensation of the studio is "love yourself" Heather invites, creates and maintains so many wonderful events, workshops and classes to nourish the essence of your being, to delight yourself with your own self discovery and awareness, it's an invitation to become more, to nourish, to replenish and to expand into the whole capacity of your true form, from soul to core to song, everything is lovingly designed with the most impeccable detail and support to encourage the flourishing of all that you are.

This is not a dance studio, it is not a gym, it is not a Pilates and Yoga space, it is so much more. The ENERGYBODi Sensation Studio is the place where you can find your home, the one in your mind heart and body, the one unique to you, the one your soul is asking for you to walk into and get familiar and comfortable with. 

It is not on the top of some holy mountain, it is not in a new age retreat by the sea nor in a super modern high flying glass box in the city, it is here, in ROSSENDALE in a gloriously old mill, converted and furnished with colour, life and love and it is fast becoming a vibrant and profound community of wonderful ENERGYBODi's, a sacred space for your sacred joy and you are invited, welcomed, honoured and cherished here.

Every teacher at the studio holds the same intention for you, and all the teachers hold that for themselves and each other too, and Heather holds the lot, with grace, with passion and with knowledge, experience and dare I say a little magic too.

This studio is your studio, make it home, let it be the bounce in your step, the song in your heart, the strength in your core and the ease in your body and mind, come and explore a little ooh and a lot of ahhh and discover how amazing, beautiful, talented, perfect and part of it all you really are, become an ENERGYBODi and create the art of your life, from the inside out, tomorrow never comes, yesterday is gone, today you are and we are here for you, pop in say hi and feel the sensation of life and health and joy in the studio, the teachers and the studio community, take a sip and then dive in, it might be just the thing you have been looking for and didn't realise was right on your doorstep.''