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''You are only as young as your spine.'' 

BODi Pilates is movement therapy in functional fitness

that builds understanding of your body in everyday movement. 

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 BODi Pilates brings a curiosity and desire to learn and look after your body. We use physiotherapy exercises as well as a wide range of movement therapy to allow your body more comfort and ​support, strength and flexibility for more pleasure out of life. 

There’s always more to learn, enthusiasm and fun is the best way.

 ENERGYBODi Pilates is unique taught by Heather Parsons, the creator of ENERGYBODi. It incorporates many techniques including mind body centering, Somatics, Yoga, Alexander technique, The Nia Technique. These classes have evolved from over two decades of Heather's teaching and training as a Body Worker and Osteopath.

Pilates in Rossendale

BODi Pilates Mondays 7.15pm

Blokes Pilates Monday 8.30pm

BODi Pilates Tuesdays and Fridays 9.45am

Beginner BODi Pilates Thursdays 9.45am and 7.15pm 
BODi Pilates on the roller Thursday 6pm

Email [email protected] for booking information

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''Finding Heather & ENERGYBODi has helped me in more ways than I can explain, for the first time in many years I am able to live with less & less pain & more mobility. I am discovering so much more as time goes by & experiencing things which enrich my life. The studio is a calm, welcoming & friendly haven,''

Jacqui Clayton.

(Scroll down to see Jacqui showjumping her horse.)

'I have attended Heather's Pilates classes for at least 12 years and have found Heather to be a brilliant teacher. Every course is explained thoroughly with the help of Eric, her skeleton, so everyone can understand how and why we are doing the exercises. This has helped me enormously as previously I had to attend an osteopath every 3 months but now just attend once year for a check up. Heather's precise instructions regarding core and positions have been invaluable as I simple have not found a teacher that comes up to Heather's high standards,' Elizabeth Finn.

'I'm 22 and can't sing its praises enough! I've been attending Pilates now with Heather Parsons around three months and can honestly say I genuinely feel the benefits massively.

I have been to gyms, group training and 1-1 training sessions in the past and feel that the work I have done within Pilates has left me feeling noticeably stronger overall. From my health care background and my point of view as a 22 year old, 'Prevention over cure' is a biggie, and a biggie for me personally, so I can't recommend Heather's Pilates class enough to anyone of ANY age and any gender, with or without any current health issues. It can only create positive results!" 'Jess 

''Heather is fantastic teacher and is very knowledgeable in what she does - inspirational! Pilates concentrates on details and Heather is brilliant at explaining everything so it is understood and felt whilst also keeping the humour!! Making a space for people to work at their own pace and limitations within a comfortable and relaxing environment!''

'I've just finished my first Pilates course at ENERGYBODi, and I can hardly wait to carry on. I've been practicing Ashtanga yoga for years, but was struggling with an injury/poor posture in my shoulders. A head/whiplash injury several months ago worsened my neck and shoulder problems, and brought me to Pilates to try and take a more active role in my recovery. My pain was much improved after the very first session. My body feels different in general and I have learned some simple techniques I can continue to practice every day to keep my body relaxed and pain free. I have also been really aware of how rested and rejuvenated I feel after classes. I love the self massage and mindfulness techniques you include and the music has been really excellent. This has been so much more than just a physical movement class for me, you have really nurtured my whole self with the lovely safe space you hold and the care you show.

'Heather, you are such an attentive, skillful teacher. Your dedication and passion shines from you, and I am very grateful for your wonderful work! Thank you,'

Sarah Grundy.

Pilates for GOLF

It turns out Tiger Woods is not the only PGA golfer to implement Pilates. This comes as no surprise due to the nature of golfing movements and the benefits of Pilates which run parallel to each other. The rotation of the torso, both with great power; speed and strength combined, requires stability not only of the mutlifidus and transverse abdominus but also strong hip flexors, obliques and gluteals. The golf swing performed at repetition can cause imbalance down one side of the body. Pilates helps to balance out the body, counteracting the force of the swing. It will also help golfers to activate the core as the primary mover and not the peripheral limbs. 

There is a similarity between the benefits to Golfers and raquet sports. As well as the rotation power and support in the torso, knees are of big concern to Badminton, Tennis and Squash players. Knees need intrinsic muscle strengthening plus support from inner thighs, gluteals and flexible hip flexors- all areas targeted by Pilates.


This is Jacqui Clayton and her horse.

Jacqui has attended our classes regularly for a few years now.

(See Jacqui's testimonial at the top of this page)

With a strong core and increased flexibility, riders can:

  • Freely and gently move arms and legs around a stable base,
  • Help clarify aids and hold jumping form,
  • Avoid collapsing and bouncing in the saddle,
  • Better absorb a horse's movement,
  • Improve posture to help you deepen your seat,
  • Increase comfort during and after your ride,
  • Maintain neutral pelvis so you can easily follow your horse's movements, and
  • Develop a trusting riding relationship, where your horse responds to your commands and is confident in your ability.

Jacqui Clayton

How can Pilates improve your intimate relationship?

If good sex was a recipe, here are some of the ingredients that might go into a delicious portion of sex:

... mix some strong abdominals with some toned pelvic floor muscles, a dash of mobile hip joints, a cup full of sensory awareness, a smidge of being present in the moment, all tossed with some good flowing oxygen and... voila!

An improved sex life!

Sounds a bit like Pilates!

Pilates trains your body and mind to be totally present. This focus brings body awareness and relaxation. This will carry into the bedroom, enabling your to be totally present with your partner for a more intimate and enjoyable experience. Sex is as much mental as it is physical. We all know how a little mental focus, being present and relaxation can boost your experience. Pilates exercise utilizes imagery to achieve the correct form and feeling to each exercise.

'What a revelation! I thoroughly enjoyed the Pelvic Floor workshop. Amazing! And it’s made even more sense of a lot of the Pilates technique too. It should be compulsory for all women, everywhere!' Gill