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Heather's passion in life is to bring connection into peoples lives, to connect to their senses, their bodies, people around them and the world as a whole. Heather's connection to nature and the outdoors at a very young age is her source of understanding we are not separate from the world around us. From standing in awe at the power of nature to standing in awe at ones own magnificence is all intertwined.

Heather created her business Aurora in 1992 when she was 22 years old.

She achieved her lifelong dream in 2012 by moving into her own Studio and renamed her business

The ENERGYBODi Sensation.

Heather's childhood was spent playing out in the hills, putting up tents and was on skis as soon as she could walk, which was only natural after being in the first western style designed papoose by her Father- tested out while skiing!  

  Many adventures followed with magic moments remembered forever- The moon rising over a glacier, stood below in its majestic power while moving with Qiqong enough to make you breathe so deep and quiet, you could move mountains.

A Stag hundreds of feet overhead on the edge of a cliff outlined against the sky whilst paddling a Kayak through the western Isles of Scotland.

These are the times where reality meets myth and magic, the places that inspire, that open sensory delights and create the stories of our dreams back into reality. 

Heather trained as an artist after leaving school, initially working in black and white photography, the world suddenly splashed into colour in the world of fine arts leading her to study and qualify as a colour therapist and massage therapist and a fascination with life drawing and anatomy took her to train in Osteopathy.

The healing power of colour has fascinated Heather and something many remark upon meeting her, it seems to radiate out of her. 

   In this world of 'alternative' therapies ( as they were once called) there was so much to discover and in a favorite second hand bookshop at 19 years old found 'The Orange Book' by Osho and discovering that her deep love of dancing was a form of meditation and all made sense why when she danced she was most at home. a place to be free with expression. There was an instinctive natural desire to share this, it connects and transforms people and has driven her all her life.  

The delight with which our body, emotions and soul moves, that spark or magic that is felt when at home in the dance can be felt when simply walking, cooking, closing a door or indeed accidentely slipping on a wet floor ( a rare and precious moment, a child's joy and reaction when the body relaxes and is in the moment). Heather worked with a sound therapist to explore how sound creates patterns and affects the body at a cellular level. and sacred geometry as a palce of healing and creation, using sound and music to shift emotions and energetic patterns in the body. 

In her 20's Heather taught exercises in nursing homes and a Chronic pain clinic, leaning how to help support a very wide, diverse clientele. Watching how people age has been very insightful and hugely influential in Heather's teachings. Along with a couple of back injuries of her own, meant chronic back pain and a long 

journey of learning, studying, moving and self healing. Pilates, Yoga, Somatics, Rolfing, Feldenkrais, Nia, 5 Stages, have all been part of the process. Understanding aging and our potential is fundamental to Heather's approach and knowledge when teaching.

In 1996 Heather created Healenetics- a fusion of Yoga/dance and incorporating chakras, colour healing, personal development, dream work, guided meditation and journeys. This transformed into ZENERGi which is constantly evolving. It is due to re- emerge in new form again In 2018.

The Journey continued for Heather in the creation of the ENERGYBODi Studio in 2012 , a dream come true....  

The ENERGYBODi Sensation Studio is the place where you can find your home, the one in your mind heart and body, the one unique to you, the one your soul is asking for you to walk into and get familiar and comfortable with. It is not on the top of some holy mountain, it is not in a new age retreat by the sea nor in a super modern high flying glass box in the city, it is here, in a gloriously old mill, converted and furnished with colour, life and love and it is a vibrant and profound community of wonderful ENERGYBODi's, a sacred space for your sacred joy and you are invited, welcomed, honoured and cherished here.