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Summer Workshops 2017

There are a variety of Workshops available over the Summer, in addition to Workshops that are currently running (please see our usual Workshop page for details on these events). You can sign up on the desk at the studio, book your place via Facebook or the links on this page. For further information, please email We look forward to seeing you soon. 

Life Drawing in Rossendale

Saturday 2nd September

1pm - 3pm
Tickets £15

To book your place, either sign up at the Studio or click the link below

Another exciting opportunity to attend one of the series of Life Drawing Workshops held at the ENERGYBODi studio by Stan Harland.

With a real life model, come along and experiment with your artistic skills under the guidance of an experienced, local artist.

Relax in the ambience of our studio and become fully present in the moment as you develop your art and skills.

From an article 'Working from life and choosing your model' by Ann Witheridge (founder of London Fine Art Studios)

Joining a group of artists to paint from the life model is an inspiring and bonding activity. I love the fact that I can spend a whole afternoon enjoying the company of friends and fellow artists, but so completely immersed in painting that very little dialogue is exchanged.

The hardest part is getting into a routine of going to life classes, but once you have committed the learning stage is exciting and rewarding. Try to be consistent in your attendance, as the development of techniques and skills needs constant practice. Every artist will have a different learning curve - it is important to be open-minded and prepared to make mistakes (which we all do) in order to reach the next stage.

Joining a life-drawing class is also a great way to meet local artists and art enthusiasts.
So come along and join experienced artists sketching alongside complete novices in the relaxed ambience of the studio.

Discover the Power of Essential Oils for Health and Wellness

Next workshop dates to be announced..

* Learn how to use essential oils as natural alternatives for health and wellness. 
* Learn about sourcing essential oils and what makes an oil therapeutic grade. 
* Understand why testing of essential oils is critical for safety purposes. 
- Learn why essential oils are so effective.
* Find out different ways of using essential oils.
* Learn about essential oil safety. 
* Find out about the most popular oils and how you can use these to replace your regular medicine cabinet items for safe, natural alternatives.
* Learn how to use essential oils safely and effectively in your everyday life.
* Find out the most cost effective way of purchasing essential oils and different options to suit your needs. 
* 100% natural with nothing added - safe to use on everyone ... even babies and animals.

* Free prize draw to win an iTovi bioresonance scan and personal consultation. 

Somatic Yoga with Jo

Wednesday 2nd August 
6pm - 8pm

Tickets £20
Click the link to book your place, or sign up on the desk at the Studio

Join Jo for an introductory workshop and explore the fundamentals of Gentle Somatic Yoga. An experienced Yoga teacher who guides you gently through the practice with skill and knowledge.

Somatics is not a different style of yoga but rather a movement therapy, a way of re-educating the way our brain senses and moves the muscles.
Somatics is about body-mind integration. Our muscles can become tight or restricted due to development reasons, habitual patterns, emotional stress, injuries or trauma. Small, slow and gentle movements are used to re-educate the brain so that it can relax and move these muscles more functionally.

''Somatics is a brain thing, as well as a body education. Somatic learning is something I have been integrating into my style of teaching for many years. I now have lots of new learning experience, confidence and sheer enthusiasm for Somatics embedded in the ancient art of Yoga. 
For those of you who attend my classes, you are the aware of the emphasis of being gentle with yourself, well this session is just that!'' Jo Davidson

Relax. Explore. Integrate.

The Myth of Aging - Somatic Workshop
With David Fleming and Amanda Franklin

Saturday 12th August
1pm - 4pm

To book your place, either sign up at the Studio or click the link

The Myth of Aging refers to the belief that as we get older our physical ability declines and we become more and more restricted in our movements. This need not be thecase!
During this Hanna Somatics Workshop you will be introduced to the 8 basic exercises originally presented by Thomas Hanna in his book Somatics - Reawakening theMind's Control of Movement, Flexibility & Health. These are commonly known as the Myth of Aging series, hence the name.

During the four hours we will be moving through the different areas of the body and the muscles that control them. You will be developing a new awareness and therefore a new ability for understanding and controlling your own living body.
Although this is a movement workshop we will be working with the messages sent from the brain to the muscles. These messages can become habitual and 'stuck in a loop' which can result in pain and stiffness that can then lead to chronic pain and injury.

By the end of this workshop you will have a basic awareness of the simple movement which will gently release and realign your body. Over time these movements will bring you more in touch with your body and give you the ability to sense for yourself if there is stiffness and deal with it before it leads to pain and restriction. This is an empowering process giving you the knowledge to maintain your own physical wellbeing on a neuromuscular level.

This Workshop is appropriate for all, regardless of general physical ability. The only requirement for attending these classes is the ability to get down and up fromthe ground and to be able to lie on your front, back and/or sides for a period of time. It will especially be of benefit to anyone experiencing muscular aches and pains, and accompanying restricted and inhibited movement, who would like to learn new ways to diminish and eliminate pain and expand and enhance their quality and range of movement gently and easily.

Re-Boot Camp with Fiona Morgan

Book your place for only £30
Wednesday 16th August @ 6pm - 9pm

To book your place, either sign in at the desk at the studio or 
email Fiona directly at or 
click on the this link to book your place:

Facebook Event

Have you ever considered turning yourself off and on again? A total eboot. Well, this is your chance to experience all the ways we can do just that. Flick the switch. Untangle from the limitations we have been given, created and set in stone, about who we are, how the world is and what is and is not possible.

At this little gem of a gathering, we invite you to come along and experience a buffet of personal development delights to tempt your soul and nourish your heart. Shenkido has been teaching and supporting all aspects of the human/spiritual development for over ten years. Having worked with the very best in their field, Fiona has trained deeply and with commitment to the empowerment of the individual truth and beauty of each and every person. Space is always lovingly and safely held in a sacred and relaxed way.

Treats instore for this event include: some time in the hammocks with a little elevated and supported yoga, and some flying and gentle play; a taste of meditation and the unlimited benefits of a simple daily practice; and a wander into the fields of shamanic practice, to re spirit ourselves and to connect with the nature of all life and our own sacred living.

Gong Bath with Dee

Saturday 19th August at 7pm - 9pm

Tickets at £20
Click on the link to book your place

The Healing Benefits of a Gong Bath 

 Dee has undertaken training with the playing of the gone under Mehtab Benton, (who is the originator of Gong Yoga), and Graham Baxter at Emmerson College in July 2014 and since then has regularly provided gong baths in individual, small group and community/festival settings.

 Gong bath is the use of sound of the Gong to energise and facilitate the movement of prana to heal the body, clear the mind and elevate the consciousness.

 Being bathed in sounds from the Gong allows a person to enter a deep meditative state. The sound waves emanating from the Gong are difficult for the human brain to follow, and is thought to shift the brain from Beta (our waking state) to Alpha, where we are relaxed, perhaps daydreaming, cat napping, meditating or enjoying a blissful calm. We are not asleep, but we are barely there. Our minds dimly register what's currently going on - and have greater access to subconscious thoughts. The gong may also shift our state into Theta Wave, where we become drowsy and fall into light sleep or into a deep sleep , (which is a Delta Wave). The movement between Delta and Theta Waves is the zone where we dream. Normally within a gong bath people experience a deep state of relaxation Alpha State. 

 Such ’shifts’ enhance the opportunity for the person to calm the mind and reduce internal stress, clear emotional blockages and support release, regenerate the parasympathetic nervous system, whilst relaxing and fully dressed in a position that they feel comfortable in. 

 This promotes an experience of well-being, calmness and able to facilitate the release of unwanted emotions within a safe space, because the body is a complex energy system, with the mind and spirit being the true source of consciousness with emotions and spirit influencing ’dis-ease’ through rebalancing energetic and neurohormonal connections among body, mind and spirit. 

 The use of sound vibrational energy from the gong to promote well being, combines our modern understanding that our bodies are made up of atoms and molecules with ancient understanding that the body’s life energy systems are involved in supporting human functioning, with the body being a complex integrated life-energy system supporting human consciousness.

 A Gong Bath involves experiencing frequencies of sound energy to support the rebalancing the body, mind and spirit, supporting chakra clearance, deep relaxation, stress release and re-connection of the mind, body and spirit, all contributing to enriching nurturing experiences, not easily achieved in our modern day busy lives.

   I play a Paiste Pluto Gong, which has been masterfully and precisely hammer-forged by hand by one of five gong masters in Switzerland, made from flat discs of NS12, or nickel-silver (nickel bronze) and is tuned to a harmonic frequency, scientifically-validated as the energetic fourth dimensional vibrational frequency specific to Pluto of 140.25 Hz, giving amazing harmonic tones. 

 The Pluto gong is deep and mysterious as it opens, releases and raises the higher energies of the Kundalini based in the first chakra, connecting all the chakras and opening the energies of the Heart. These vibrations have been described to first  let go, release, and dismantle the old outgrown and false to fact energies and attachments of fear and darkness. Second, the vibrations assist us on our spiritual path growth through conflict and liberation into transcendence. And third, to rebirth, purify, resurrect and restore that which is actual and true, transforming and opening to the emergence and energies of illumination, love and light.’ (New Earth Healing Centre).

I am able to Gong privately one to one or small parties or within social festival settings.

Relax Kids Family Fun Day 
at ENERGYBODi Studio

Join us at the ENERGYBODi studio, for an introduction to Relax Kids on

Monday, August 21 at 10:30 AM - 12 PM

Facebook Event
We'll take you through our unique seven step appropach to relaxation:

and we're going to hold a mini-festival for you!!

Suitable for children aged 5-11, but do feel free to join in!

£10 per child, £8 for siblings
Click here to pay for one child:
Click here to pay for one child and one sibling :

For more information, email

Why not bring a packed lunch and stay for....

 Aerial Youth Yoga Taster with Fiona Morgan

at 1.30pm – 3pm @ £10 per child then £8 per sibling

For ages 10 - 15 years

Email Fiona directly to book your place (please note there are a limited number of hammocks, so book your place early) at

A perfect practice for blossoming kids. Learning how to know and find their own centre, truth and perfection and honour it. Developing confidence and nurturing their own unique capacity. Let your kids come fly, relax, strengthen, stretch, hang upside down and recognise their true potential, develop confidence and mindfulness. 

This class supports, encourages and cherishes 
your amazing child in so many ways. 


Free Dance with Lynette

on 30th August 
at 6pm - 7.30pm

Tickets are £15
Click below to book to your place, or sign in at the Studio

I’m delighted to bring Nia FreeDance to the ENERGYBODi Studio and will soon be holding an introductory workshop. Open to all, free spirits, dancers, beginners and the curious!

I have always loved the free dance element of classic Nia and BODi Dance. For me, its place to explore, experiment and, ultimately deepen my connection to the music.

Going with the flow and riding the waves of your own spontaneity Nia FreeDance encourages you to move differently, listen to music more intimately and deeply connect . The practice expands your movement choices, helping you break rigid or repetitive movement habits and inspires you to express yourself in more dynamic ways.

BODi Dance Immersion 'CELL-ebrate'

Wednesday 6th September
6pm - 8pm

Click on the link below to book your place, or 
sign up at the desk at the Studio. Tickets are £20

Come along and immerse yourself in “CELL-ebrate”, the brand new routine for our Wednesday night BODi Dance. The focus of CELL-ebrate is the celebration of life itself. Celebrating you, your breath, your bones, your form, your freedom... with the intent to bring fun, volume, resonance, and space to your cellular system.

The signature move of CELL-ebrate is Palm Directions, increasing awareness of how the palms of the hands direct energy and open up the body to a full expression of living in celebration of life.

Together, let’s bring CELL-ebrate to life during this two hour workshop. We will playfully explore the key moves song by song in a joyful and relaxed atmosphere so we can then dance the full routine together. 

If you’ve never sampled a BODi Dance immersion before, it’s a wonderful way to connect to and embody a new routine so you’re ready to step in and make it your own.