The - Health And Fitness From The Inside Out

We welcome you to join 
our vibrant community,
 and experience 
The ENERGYBODi Sensation,
for fitness and wellbeing.

How are you today?
How are your energy levels today?

What is your mind state?
What are you sensing in your body right now?
 Comfortable? Calm? Vibrant?
The ENERGYBODi Studio moves away from gym type feel,
offering a very different place to nurture you.
We truly aim to be Body Mind Specialist Holistic Health studio,
using sensation to guide your body,
to improve your comfort and pleasure in the body.
We are recognized and recommended
 by many Rossendale Physiotherapists.

From the moment you enter you can tell the difference-A Studio creatively developed by Heather Parsons, artist and colour therapist, to soothe yet energize with over 20 years full time experience in fitness and holistic wellbeing.  
The aim of The ENERGYBODi Studio is different. Its not just a fitness class. It is a place where there is time to pause (in life), learning balancing our energy inputs and outputs in our daily lives,  fine tuning sensory awareness and feedback  in our bodies for more efficient movement, comfort and indeed pleasure. 
 This is where our name comes from The ENERGYBODSensation. 

''What I found was so much more than I expected.
You are a wonderful teacher, encouraging, interesting and clearly accomplished. I feel you have helped me get in touch with my body again, restoring a connection I hadn't even realised I had lost, I work with it now and listen to its needs, my health is returning ,my flexibility and
balance is improving. That would be brilliant in itself, but ENERGYBODi brings so much more, it's a community that you have created that is holistic in its power to heal. You have brought together the best of teachers ,who offer both Physical and Spiritual enrichment, I feel I have found somewhere I can express myself and grow, with like minded people, a safe environment to try out new disciplines and have some fun doing it.
Thank you so very much.
Rose Rothwell  ....65 this year and feeling more alive and younger all the time !''

You can choose from either one class a week,
or dip into as many different classes as you like with and amazing
multipass to really experience all round wellbeing. 
All our classes run as courses for 5 or 7 weeks.
Check you are getting your Five a day-
Mobility, Stability, Flexibility, Strength, Agility.

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  Heather places great emphasis on people making friendships and a place you can feel you belong. Many people have been taught by Heather for over a decade  and are still attending classes and bodywork sessions. Heather's oldest client is 82 and has been coming  for over 18 years.   Our aim is to empower you in your life, by giving you in-depth knowledge on how your body moves,  so every move, every day, becomes easier, more enjoyable. 
You will be made most welcome whether you come with your friend, your partner, husband, wife, daughter or come by yourself and it will not be long before you know many people and make new friends here. We are a wonderful community and you are most welcome.  We look forwards to meeting you.

You are unique.  At ENERGYBODi we respect that. Not one size fits all.

 I believe lasting health, fitness and vitality comes from empowerment.
By giving you the understanding and knowledge, you will feel motivated, your health becomes about how you feel the minute you wake up.  

 'Its not what you do once in a while, its what you do day in day out that makes a difference'